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191,06 EUR*
Details Science and Technology Policy in Interdependent Economies

Science and Technology Policy in Interdependent Economies Addresses deficiencies in the analysis of technology policy by examining a number of issues faced by managers and public officials in industrial and industrializing economies that are now ...

7,87 EUR*
Details Nature'S Patchwork Quilt: Understanding Habitats

Nature's Patchwork Quilt "Like a quilt, each habitat in nature is composed of many interdependent pieces that form grand patterns and webs. The text introduces numerous key concepts in natural science, and the back material offers activities and ideas ...

29,63 EUR*
Details Beyond Semiotics: Text, Culture and Technology

Beyond Semiotics This title provides an approach to three interdependent concepts of text, culture and technology, in order to show what semiotics had always had to marginalize, forget or not see in the quest to professionalize itself. Full description

30,60 EUR*
Details The New Sovereignty: Compliance with International Regulatory Agreements

In an increasingly complex and interdependent world, states resort to an array of regulatory agreements to deal with problems as disparate as climate change, nuclear proliferation, international trade, satellite communications, species destruction and ...

119,00 EUR*
Details Managing Strategically in an Interconnected World (The Stratetic Management Series)

Managing Strategically in an Interconnected World Managers today face a new business frontier, one that is increasingly interdependent and interconnected. The key to survival for the modern business manager is strategic flexibility.

24,41 EUR*
Details Catalyst Code: The Strategies Behind the World's Most Dynamic Companies

Catalyst Code In an economy where markets, consumers, and technology are ever-changing and interdependent, economic catalysts - businesses that bring together a number of groups who need each other and make it easy for them to work together - are ...

70,52 EUR*
Details ASEAN-India-Australia: Towards Closer Engagement in a New Asia

India's emergence of a great power has sensitized its regional neighbours to its growing role as a key security actor in an increasingly interdependent world. Both Australia and ASEAN now view India as a major player in the formulation and application ...

101,85 EUR*
Details Global Justice and International Economic Law: Opportunities and Prospects (ASIL Studies in International Legal Theory)

Global Justice and International Economic Law This book takes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the economic fairness problems that societies face as they become increasingly interdependent. Full description

93,49 EUR*
Details Radiation Defects in Ion Implanted and/or High-Energy Irradiated MOS Structures (Electrical Engineering Developments)

Two discretely shaped yet interdependent narratives creating a family saga from the viewpoints of both maternal and paternal lines (a difficult and rarely successful strategy for fiction) comprise this large and capacious novel. Distant Music begins ...